Travel Tips – 3 Things You Should Take On A Long Haul Flight

Unless you are flying initial class, an extended haul flight can be incredibly painful. Often times the excitement of going to some great destination could be short lived as the reality from the flight sets in. Although most airlines to their best to make the flight as comfortable as possible, the real issue is that there is just not a lot of space. Sitting still in a seat for 10 hours or more is incredibly uncomfortable – even if its the lazy boy in your living room.

Understanding that a long flight is coming up and understanding just what you are able to expect can truly help you prepare much better. There are a couple of things that you can do to really make your flight more bearable. Here are my three top tips for making an extended haul flight much more bearable.

1. Essential Toiletries
Even when you are a bruiser of a guy, you need to create certain that you simply have with you a toothbrush, lip balm along with a moisturizer. The reason for this is the fact that the air inside the plane can get extremely uncomfortable and irritate your skin. Dry lips and an itchy skin is part from the reason why you tend to really feel irritated after a while. Also, brushing your teeth will make you feel refreshed and ready for that final 2 hours.

2. Music
Do you have an iPod? If not, I suggest you get yourself one as it could truly make your flight so significantly more bearable. I like to use in-ear headphones because it cancels out all of the external noise and helps you to sink into your own world. It can also help you sleep much better – which is very important in feeling refreshed when you do land.

3. Sleeping Tablets
I’m certainly not someone who likes tablets, but on an extended flight I always take a few sleeping pills. It could be extremely hard to fall asleep with all of the noise on a plane along with a sleeping pill can assist you to get over that very effortlessly. Just regular commercial sleeping pills are fine.


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