Using public transportation in New York City may get you stabbed

Riding on the bus is becoming increasingly dangerous due to the expensive gadgets we have us. Did it ever cross your head a thief who can not afford a high priced smart-phone might try to steal yours and also stab you because of it? Latest news tell a story of an 19 year-old man getting stabbed at the very least 6 times for his cell phone on the New York City Subway. A couple happen to be arrested in a stabbing in a Bronx subway station that occurred following a confrontation over the stolen cellphone. The 19-year-old victim nodded off while riding a southbound No. 4 train early Saturday morning. He awoke around 4 a.m. to discover his cellphone is gone and after that saw another passenger along with his phone.

Passenger as well as a companion got off of the train at the Fordham Road station, and the victim followed them. He was stabbed numerous times, suffering critical injuries. Surveillance video showed a male and a woman in a condominium inside the Bronx, after that the assault on the platform of the number 4 train. Police say a 19 year old man was stabbed at least six times in the head, neck, chest and torso after confronting a man who stole his smart-phone. The victim created a trail of blood down three levels of the station, through the platform on the landing near the token booth, and right down the stairs for the exit on Fordham. 

This brings concern to tourists from worldwide that arrive to Nyc area each day. This raises a question of how safe is it for a tourist to use public transportation from among the three airports in the region. Whilst it might help save a couple of bucks, is it worth looking to be robbed as well as stabbed on the Ny/New Jersey train or buss? Most of us feel that riding public transportation is protected, not paying attention this is New York/Nj-new Jersey where crime rate is still extremely high. It’s because the quantity of crooks and welfare addicts who will rob or even kill one to get something you have and they want but cannot afford. 

The very next time you’re planning on visiting Nyc or New Jersey and can afford a car service this could definitely be considered a better, faster as well as a safe strategy to travel. Should you be visiting NY/NJ the first time and need Newark Airport Transportation, J.F.K. Airport Transportation or LaGuardia Airport Transportation you ought to check into finding a professional service. Almost all of the providers work very hard to provide the best service your money can buy, whilst getting you from point one place to another fast and safe. The key part is that they are aware of the area and will answer questions on safety that make your visit worry free and more fun. The bus will simply provide you a ride from point A to B, but little that you know there is not a single cop on some of the trains or buses to ensure your safety. Many intersections in Ny have police guiding one to cross the street even though you’ll find traffic lights which can be made with the objective. This shows how taxpayers financial resources are wasted on something that has been functioning properly since the invention of traffic lights. Maybe local authorities should learn a lesson using this story and take action at last, making it a secure experience for all of us.

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